Game Based Magazines

The following are a few of the central online magazines that provide reviews, resources, and insight on all aspects of digital games, and, often board and card games as well. For faculty not well versed in games and game culture these magazines will provide indispensable guides to help you navigate your way to a better understanding of games and their role in society. As always, the best way to genuinely understand the applied value of games you should play as many and as often as you can.

Board Game Geek-

Games in learning does not need be restricted to digital games. Old table top games can be valuable learning resources for both formal and informal learning situations. This site contains information on everything related to board games.


An engaging, independent website on video games with news, reviews, trailers, forums and more.


A British magazine that focues on video games and interactive entertainment.


High quality e-zine that covers video games, movies & TV, comics & cosplay, table top games, and science & technology. The attention given to often overlooked value of table top games and the excellent zero punctuation video review of games are particularly valuable.

Gamasutra/The Art and Business of Making

An indispensable site for game developers, players, professors, and industry professionals. The site has excellent reviews, blogs, feature articles, interviews and even job listings. You can subscribe to a variety of targeted newsletters at the site.


Comprehensive site and neatly designed wiki with much user content, videos, reviews, and a weekly podcast: Giant Bombcast


A large San Francisco based media company that provides significant coverage on video games and influential reviews of games. There is also a section on VR.


A popular, but controversial website devoted to video games and the surrounding culture. The section on Cosplay provided in-depth coverage of this expanding aspect of youth culture. The name itself derives from Japanese term for obsessive.


High quality gaming culture website in partnership with Vox Media.

Rock Paper Shotgun

An excellent U.K. e-zine that covers PC games, both indie and AAA.


The revolutionary video game streaming platform that allows you to watch expert game players in action. A valuable site for educators new to gaming who want a sense of expert game play. The League of Legends channel is one of the most popular.