Game Based Learning Experts

Revolutionary Learning provides several important services that promote game-based learning and can be tailored to various organizational needs.

Educational Game Evaluation

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We provide experts in game design production and assessment. As a result, we can help evaluate whether a game makes sense for your school, class, or professional training. Frequently award-winning games do not actually result in student learning gains. Don’t waste money on purchases and time on assignments without expert advice from designers and educators. We can recommend whether a game or games have educational value in a discipline or subject matter area.

Professional Development and Training Solutions

Along with online, blended and classroom training and certificates in game-based learning, Revolutionary Learning will provide custom designed training online or in person for organizations. Half-day or boot camp type trainings available for your internal Content or Learning Management System.

Curriculum and Course Design, Online/Blended/Classroom Based

Revolutionary Learning has access to experts to plan or help plan individual game based learning or gameful courses in all disciplines for both K-12 and higher education. Also, we will work with your subject matter experts to design engaging, evidence based classes for virtual and traditional classrooms. Lastly, we also help set up full curriculum plans for a department, new degree programs, or design pilot programs and assessment models that show measurable results.

Game Design Brokerage (connecting colleges, universities, school systems, and organizations with expert game designers)

We have a large cooperative of proven game designers and game and simulation design companies. They design effective learning games for k-12 education, higher education, non- profit organizations, government programs, military, and health organizations. These include designers and studios specializing in everything from Virtual Reality experiences and highly immersive environments to interactive training videos, and short, cost effective mini games. For a reasonable brokerage fee, we will connect your organization to the designers or organization best tailored to your needs. Most importantly, you’ll save the expense and time of RFPs that your staff may not be qualified to evaluate.

Speaking Engagements

Dr. Seelow is available to speak on any aspect of game based learning. This includes games in learning for both k-12 and higher education, comics & graphic novels in the classroom, online/distance education, literacy, and education reform. Dr. Seelow also has access to many other speakers concerning game based learning. Let him broker speaking engagements tailored to your organization’s needs.